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Working On Hallways

Long, narrow or too constricted, hallways have always been the messiest section in a home. Though most of us try to decorate these hallways, but end up creating a chaos. But, why? Is there really something that we are missing? Well, if you are also facing the same tight spot, then check out some of […]

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New Home Trends For 2011

Now that we have stepped into the New Year 2011, let’s not waste time on customary interior ideas. The New Year has arrived with loads of new interior decorating ideas which are sure to bring in that sense of sophistication to your small space that you have been always craving for. This time the trend […]

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Design Your Bedrooms Just the Way You Want

Emphasizing on the current statistics, it has been observed that majority of homeowners live in a house with a limited space. Whatever may be the reason behind these statistics, but the queries of designing interiors with such limited space are increasing rapidly. Spacious bedrooms are a dream for every home owner, but the problem of […]

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Christmas Decorations

Celebrations are a way to bring all the family members together and spend some treasured moments with them. To make such occasions more memorable, home interior and decoration plays a vital role. Yes, the ideas of decorating the home and making the atmosphere merrier add to the fun of having parties and get together. Embellishing […]

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